Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution - Written Review

"DLC or Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 into one game." - Joshtrip1

This game is a huge disappointment. The hype was big but the payoff was horrible. This game has no reason to be made and it screams big cash-in.

You start off playing a cheaply made tournament/story mode that reuses the same animation every time you win. The actual fights themselves aren't bad and it's an interesting play style if anything it adds a dynamic that could have been proof that the game can handle 4-Player. The only story you can get is the 4 side story's that have beautiful anime cutscenes that are better than the actual series. They are pretty interesting however, the main focus of this game is the tournament mode and the mecha Naruto side Story. 

This story is so boring it hurts. The character is un-likable and just a rip off of Naruto himself. This is a plot that could fit in a Naruto Movie. We have are unlikable side character that get's his stuff together in the end and stops being a jerk and Naruto has to save him or her. This is EXACTLY how the game and past Naruto Movies have been written  and it's just not acceptable anymore.  

The fighting mechanics themselves have been nerfed. you can only chose which ability you want to have. The only 2 useful ones being ultimate jutsu and awakening. This adds a more tournament feel to the game but ultimately ruins the fun of being able to have both abilities at once. 

The Cast of characters and the tag-team-ultimate jutsu's are the saving grace of this game. However i would recommend not wasting time on this one and just by Storm 4 when it comes out


Rating: 5/10

This could have been very good DLC for Storm 3 but does not justify it's own game. This is probably the biggest cash-grab i have ever seen and i can't believe CyberConnect 2 would put such a small amount of effort in this game.