Tuesday, July 21, 2015

EVO 2015 | My thoughts as a first time viewer. Day 1 REVIEW

This weekend the most popular fighting games had their biggest tournament in the world. That tournament is EVO. An Annual Tournament where thousands of people around the globe show up to test their skills and to become the best in the world in their respective games. Friday was Day 1 and has probably the most variety between EVO's six stream accounts. Games that were concluding the following day had to accomplish more in Day 1 than others. All the main events and finals are on the main EVO account which is actually the 2nd EVO account SRKEVO1. Street Fighter was on the main stream/stage for majority of the the first Day, Followed by Persona 4 Arena Finals, and concluding with more Street Fighter. 

As a Smash Streamer and supporter I watched more of Smash Bros. Melee on SRKEVO2 and Smash Bros Wii U on SRKEVO4. All pools were friday. Melee had a rocky start with audio and smash 4 took the most views for the first 2 hours. A few upsets came later and well..it was amazing.