Monday, June 1, 2015

Might Switch Force! Laid-Back Review

"WayForward" always makes very interesting games and this one is no exception. You play as a woman named "Patricia 'Patty' Wagon". She's a police officer arresting escaped vigilantes

The gameplay works on a switch mechanic that turns blocks off and on. if you are on the same space as a block and you activate the platform it knocks you in forward on the Z-axis (using 3DS functionality) and basically knocks you out of the plane that the level was on and it's an instant death. This mechanic can be used to take care of enemies and ultimately, challenging puzzles. I'm sure I'm not explaining it to the best of my ability but I assure you, the game is free right now through the  humble bundle, BUY IT. It's good.

Rating 8/10 

A good game with some flaws but nothing to exciting but it's very well crafted even if it's short.