Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric - Written Review

Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric Boomed alright..and not in a good way

Sonic Boom sub-series of Sonic the Hedgehog, released last week. The Show started off great, the games did not. To most sonic fans it wasn't a surprise. What WAS surprising however, was how unfinished the Wii U game "Rise of Lyric" was. I was watching one of my favorite speed runners play through the game for the for the first time immediately when it came out last Tuesday. The Frame Rate was choppy and unstable. The Characters are talking way too much in the game. The dialogue is great but when you here it every 5 minutes it get's downright annoying. After his stream he had a good idea of how bugging the game was, so naturally finding a infinite jump shouldn't be that hard. And it wasn't, within 5 minutes after DarkspinesSonic found an infinite jump that can sequence break huge parts of the game. Thus proving how broken it is. 

Infinite Height Exploit by DarkspinesSonic
This is not a game you really need to play to see that it's bad. It's still playable, but DO NOT buy this game with the preconceived notions that this is a Sonic game. It is not. It's just a explorative, open-world,  3D plattformer with Sonic characters. As glitchy as the game is, I can say it probably would have done better if it wasn't a sonic centered game. However it is and it adds some elements of Sonic but not the elements that define Sonic. The game is already being called Sonic 14. With 3 years development time and a decent budget this game has no excuse for this. It's probably worse that Sonic 06 due to the fact that there is almost no enjoyment out of the game to make you ignore its faults. It's boring, bleak, and graphically is behind the times. This game made me want to play 06 and the Were-hog. I never knew that was possible but apparently Sonic is in the dark age again. I hope Sega let's more talented developers handle the sequel if we even get one.

Rating 4/10

Great Dialogue, Great Acting, Boring Story that explains nothing, Horrible programing, and to top it off, I got no SONIC in my Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.