Thursday, August 7, 2014

Twitch Changes a bunch of it's policies. Streamers blame Google for the recent change.

Twitch Official Logo
Yesterday August 6th, 2014 Twitch announced on their blog that they are changing the way there past broadcast/ archived Broadcast will be handled. Broadcast will no longer be saved forever. Regular users only have 3 days to download it or export it to YouTube. Partnered and Turbo users are allowed to have their videos on twitch for 60 Days. Twitch has also partnered with Audible Magic, a program closely connected to the DMCA. Twitch staff stated:
Screen capture of Wiki edit on Twitch's Wiki Page
"We’ve partnered with Audible Magic, which works closely with the recorded music industry, to scan past and future VODs for music owned or controlled by clients of Audible Magic. This includes in-game and ambient music. When music in the Audible Magic database is detected (“Flagged Content”), the affected portion of the VOD will be muted and volume controls for that VOD will be turned off. Additionally, past broadcasts and highlights with Flagged Content are exportable but will remain muted." 
Twitch Users aren't very happy with the news. Current coverers of twitch news believes that all of the changes are proof that google has bought twitch. "Justin.TV" was also shut down yesterday. The owners stated that they wanted to remove Justin.TV to focus more on twitch. 

I'm hoping for the best. However, I dont like where this is headed. Other Streamers have already retaliated. Yesterday someone edited the wiki. I must say the edit was hilarious but was removed an hour later. Luckily, I screen captured it. 

I will continue to look into the matter