Monday, August 11, 2014

Sonic-A-Thon raises Over 11,000 in first half!

Sonic-A-Thon raises over $11,000. Last year the Zelda-A-Thon Raised $9,000 Dollars. During the first half they surpassed their previous recored. Johnny and NTom are the highlights of the marathon. 

While Digi and Donnie are doing well. They are skilled and Digi can make a great combination with whoever he streams with. 
However the best combo of streamers is by far Johnny and Ryan. They are hilarious when they are together. I think Ryan is Jonny's best co-commentator partner. Donnie took the world by storm with his amazing impersonations .....? 
Johnny's stream gave birth to new memes like "Cream the Rabbi" and "Local Fox (Tails) Ruins Everything" 
My favorite stream by far is the Sonic 3 & Knuckles run last night. Again Jonny and Ryan are an amazing combination.

Let the next half begin!