Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Power, Corruption and Narcissism: The Modern day Professor ...From passion to egoism

             You always here stories of professors and what college life is like but you never truly believe them. For some of your professors you'll find that they are the opposite of a strict communistic form of teaching and are more liberal and humanitarians. How ever I found that the teachers who's major strays away from the stereotypes the most are the most misguided. Art one of the most anti Egotistic, Narcissistic, Capitalist Professions has become one of the most serious. The enjoyment of ones free time drawing quickly became how to draw it in the professor s style. what was your ideas became your professors and theirs alone. I have an English teacher that makes me love his class and he spreads the enjoyment of reading and writing. He speaks to his students as friends and hopes to really persuade them into loving what he loves. Art is not the case. They assume that you already love what you do with out realizing that art especially as with writing is heavily based on how other people perceive your work. As I sit here typing. My professor knowingly sits here. He knows why I'm here but forces me to confront him. What happened to being human beings? I get the whole big stuck up tough professor thing but where does that get you? You learn nothing. The only kids that respond positive to that approach are those who are wrapped in the status quo them selves. It's disgusting to me. How people can be so narrow minded and stereotypical to themselves. With cognoscente of what they do. Today my teacher took me out of class and railed on me. He did not question or ask why. How can you just assume with out knowing the whole picture. Was my skin all you needed? Today I succumb to the Narcissist america that we live in. Where everyone who is successful goes to Harvard. Everyone who is stupid isn't a Lawyer or doctor. This country where we compete with china. Where half my honors friends would cheat on their test. Where you were forced to take honors classes to prove that your smart. I've had enough. I assure that I will not be silenced again. If a professor wants to be the asshole that is very strict. Fine. But he/she needs a reason and needs to love what they do. School is for passion and learning. Not Narcissism