Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bullying at McDonalds

Today i went in for my shift I did my normal job for the past week. I was on fried products. The other guys on table made joke and I along with them and for a while it was fine. A few f the guys went to far. I would ask them for assistance and for help and they struck back with a rant on how my job was easy and how I don't do anything. The girls are rude and disrespectful when they are the ones with the easiest job. They're on register and at the window. They get all leftovers like free cappuccinos and etc. working on table is hard and frustrating when people rush you. The guys began to do this and they didn't stop. Constant jokes about me. How I wasn't fast. How I was lazy. How I sometimes leaned on the table. Unknown to them that I have a bad foot that was disfigured from birth and I have huge amounts of pain because all the weight is distributed uneven because of this disfiguration. All the weight effects the ankle and I have to take pain killers to ignore it. Anyway they began to keep it up. I had enough. I couldn't ignore it. My favorite manager there wasn't helping and his quick flares at me made it worse. I thought he was looking out for me. Making sure I had a chance to get use to everything. I've only been there for 3 weeks. I still don't know everything. I hope this never happens again. I clocked out and held back tears as much as I could. Some things will never change even after high school.