Monday, August 4, 2014

Blog: What really needs to be adressed when discussing white people stealing black culture


Growing up in the United States I've witnessed many horrific events. Some, united us as a country. Some divided us further. What I want to discuss today is something that's troubling me. Something that may never die, but as long as I am alive I will keep fighting for the truth to prevail. That is this whole white america vs black america thing. We are all americans, we just have different cultures. During the late 2000's up to the present, black culture has diminished and disrespected.


When I attended Longwood University I met a bunch of white people, they were the majority after all. Some of them loved black culture and respected it while still being themselves. Others tried to be black. They copied every nasty stereotype that an African american faces and they never got labeled for it or dealt with. When I had conversations with them I had to open up and tell them that I felt offended. I love everyone but I hate when people make fun of my culture. Especially when your not being shot killed labeled as bad as we are. Be yourself. As a majority you are blessed to have so much. Now for those who were real and weren't given that 'white privilege' lifestyle: they were very respectful and could relate. they didn't didn't call me nigga or play my music as a joke or make a meme out of my heritage. But the others did. It killed my experience at Longwood and I dont recommend that anyone applies there.

ZIMMERMAN TRAIL ( for killing Treyvon Martin)

During the trial, I witnessed horrible things. White people would post disgusting things. Black people would even agree. and these comments were flat out racist. Wish I kept the picture of the nasty comments. I'll ad those later. After doing more research (and this is after the verdict) I found a bunch of people created this meme called Treyvon-ing. They lay dead with a skittle bag next to them. That's horrible. Some of the people in this meme were even's discussing.

The rest? -will be added later.