Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Upcoming Vlogs/ Rants on Joshtrip1's Channel

  1. Miley Cyrus exploiting black Culture (Twerking) then quits when she realizes what she's done.
  2. Girl Gamers (Only the bimbos)
  3. Sexist Guy Gamers
  4. Racist (Blacks and Whites)
  5. Black Culture
  6. The whole I'm African American not black thing Vs the Black isn't African American thing. 
  7. White people always telling me how a black man should feel.
  8. BET Awards 2014 Review
  9. E3 2014 Review
  10. Love Story
  11. Standard Video Blog
  12. SGDQ Review
  13. White Privilege and its impact
  14. Non-African Americans always commenting on Race Needs to stop.
  15. Republicans and how they have lost their way
  16. Barrack Obama getting unnecessary Hate