Thursday, January 30, 2014

JWD Entertainment Press Release for the new year 2014

CEO Joshua Daniels posted on JWD Enertianment's Facebook Page that he has decide to end his long running Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Fiction Comic called FAST in a few years.

"I've Decided to end FAST with in the next few years. For the Company to grow we must show original content instead of fan characters and fan fiction." - Joshua Daniels

The series has recently hit it's 25th Issue January. 
Joshua said that he was surprised that a fan fiction made it this long.

Coming This Febuary the series will start to really progress in plot with a lot of character development. The 26th issue introduces the 10 Years Later Arc. Fast is back and older. This series will be released along side he original as a means to cover more ground in terms of plot in a shorten amount of time.